Textile Recycling Drive

Sargent Elementary School PTO Textile Drive Fundraiser

When: Saturday, May 10, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Where: Sargent Elementary School, 29 Education Drive, Beacon, NY 12508.
Rear of building, near parent/staff parking lot; use access road on Route 9D across from Elks Lodge.

The Sargent PTO is partnering with Brooklyn-based Wearable Collections for their third annual textile recycling fundraiser. Recyclable textiles include the following: clothing, hats, household linens, stuffed animals, handbags, curtains, shoes, and leather goods. The PTO earns a few cents per pound of material collected. The money raised will be used for classroom field trips. More information about textile recycling can be found at wearablecollections.com.

Zero to Go makes the BCorps Best for the Environment list - again!

Today, on Earth Day, Zero to Go was honored for creating the most positive environmental impact. We have earned an environmental score in the top 10% of all Certified B Corporations on the B Impact Assessment, a comprehensive assessment of a company's impact on its workers, community, and the environment. This is our second year earning this honor! We're thrilled to be listed along with companies which we greatly admire such as Seventh Generation Alchemy Goods, and Preserve. See the full list at bestfortheworld.bcorporation.net.

We are part of a larger movement which is striving to redefine success in business so all companies compete to not only be the best in the world, but best for the world. The international B Corp movement of almost 1000 companies is at the forefront of a growing trend of people using business as a force for good.

Thank you for all your support. You are helping us succeed where it truly matters. We are proud to be Best for the WorldWant to do more? Visit bthechange.com and join the movement of people using business as a force for good.

Earth Day with Scenic Hudson in Beacon

On Earth Day, I helped with sorting recyclables from waste collected at the Earth Day Cleanup - Mount Beacon Park with Scenic Hudson. The totals removed: 3 bags of recycling, 3 bags of trash, one bag of invasives (which will be hot composted), 2 wheels with tires, and a small pile of scrap metal. Thanks to everyone who regularly carries trash off the mountain. There's lots more to do, but we made a dent in it!

Recap on 2013's Massive Piles of Items Diverted from the Wastestream & How we Did it

I've finally gotten around to counting up my results from last year, and I'm floored. Me and my team handled waste for 8 events, and also did a pilot program to pick up two Beacon businesses' compost by bicycle. Here's the stats:

COMPOST: 1225 gallons collected

RECYCLING: 109 bags, 5450 gallons


  • half a ton of recyclables collected at Travis cove
  • 57 tires collected at Travis Cove and the Beacon Riversweep
  • 2.175 tons metal collected at Travis Cove and the Beacon Riversweep
  • 5 plastic barrels collected at Beacon's Riversweep
  • 1900 cans collected at the Sheep and Wool Festival
  • 14 cu ft cardboard collected at the Sheep and Wool Festival

I'm proud to say that nearly every single bag and item was transported to its next home in Beacon via bicycle, with the exception of the items handled at the Sheep and Wool Festival. This means no carbon emissions, no fossil fuel usage, and double the fun and exposure of our work. And we stay in shape!

Thank you to my incredible team: Atticus Lanigan, Leigh Baumann, Dan Weise, Dan Fiege, Ricardo Fuentes, Michelle Gluck, Kyle Helland, Aaron Hawkins, Jon Miles, Carole Penner, Patti Dale, Yukie Schmitz, Meghan O'Byrne, Sara Sylvester, Alison Rich, Ali Muhammad, Eli Barrett, Ken Rabe, Pete Barrett, Jean Huang, Liz Birch, Brendan McGrath, Jinni James, Verne Bell, Alayja Stewart, Clareann Grimaldi, Dean Micheli, Sherie Cordaz, Ira Chavis, Xander Folsom, Michael Lanier!

And thank you to my partners and supporters: Chris Coady and Dave Kahn at ReCommunity Recycling, Dana Gulley and Dan Shapley of Riverkeeper, The Sargent-Downing Garden, Nancy and Rita at Recycle Depot, Jason at Drink More Good, Sustainabilityis, Lindsay Carille, Johanna at the Main Squeeze Juice Bar, Carley Franklin Hughes at Ella's Bella's, Jennifer and Steve Clair of Local 845, Gwenno and Jeff of Beacon Barks, Sara and David of the Sheep and Wool Growers Association, Tara Tornello and Tim Terway, Michael Benz of Peekskill Brewery, Matt, John, Chris of the Hop, David Eberle of the Beacon Sloop Club, Jeff Domanski, Avery Menke, Kamel Jamal, Michael Benzer of Hudson Beach Glass, Kathy O'Connor, Kitty Sherpa of the Beacon Natural Market, Helanna Bratman and the incredible Green Teens, Kelly Ellenwood, I Am Beacon, Mayor Randy Casale, Zep and The City of Beacon Highway Department, Laura Petit of the New Paltz Reuse Center, Shawn McLearen and Ming Chan, Claudia Cooley of the Barn Thrift Shop, Tricia Coulard of Habitat for Humanity's Newburgh ReStore, Bill Calogero of the DCRRA, The Mid-Hudson League of Women Voters Materials Management Study Group, Scenic Hudson, Josh at Localflux!



I'm awfully excited about this year's schedule - which is filling up fast! I'm looking at handling compost and recycling for several events for the warm weather months, and some Beacon river cleanup action as well. If you'd like to get on my calendar, reach out! The crew and the barrels can travel.

This past year was absolutely incredible. I can't believe how much we did (a total of 9 events!) and how much waste was diverted to recycling or compost. With the help of a volunteer crew 50 strong, we totally rocked. Our cargo bikes helped get it there, too. Here's my Jon with our newest addition - a cargo trike! 

When we're done modifying the trike, it's going to be the biggest, baddest heavy-hauling machine we have in our arsenal. That pickup bed has room for so much compost! More on all that soon.

In short, I want to thank all the people who believe in my work and want to see more recycling and composting in their communities and in their events. Cheers to an amazing year of accomplishments, and a really exciting year of opportunities!


Can a 40,000 person event go Zero Waste? YES!

Zero to Go is proud to be working with the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival to pilot a three station sorting area to divert recyclables and compost from the wastestream. Our impact at a festival that brings in 35,000-40,000 people will be incredible! Please consider joining us for one of the 24 volunteer slots next Saturday and SundaySign up here

October 19-20, NYS Sheep and Wool Festival at Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck. Volunteers needed for two shifts, 8:30-12:00 and 12:00-5:30. Lunch included. The Fairgrounds are located at 6550 Spring Brook Avenue, Rhinebeck NY. Sign up for a shift, and print our your e-ticket to bring to the gates. 

We need you to help prove the success of Zero Waste models. We're not tackling ALL of the waste this year, only what we can manage. This is the first year we're working together to start a composting program that wasn't there before, plus implementing a recycling program that diverts thousands of pounds of recyclables from the burn plant to the recycle plant. Join us! 

Results of Travis Cove cleanup with Riverkeeper


Zero to Go and Riverkeeper teamed up on Saturday, September 14 to clean up a neglected section of shoreline in Peekskill - and the results were incredible!

With a team of 70 volunteers, we removed nearly 7 tons of waste from the site. 46% of this waste was recycled, thanks to careful sorting of plastic/metal/glass, scrap metal and tires.

Full article on Riverkeeper's site, here and on the City of Peekskill news page

This Saturday, get dirty with Zero to Go and Riverkeeper!

Zero to Go and Riverkeeper needs volunteers like you to clean the shoreline at Travis Cove in Peekskill, as the city prepares to extend a pedestrian walkway to give the public access to this beautiful spot. Zero to Go is thrilled to be heading up the recycling efforts at this site, as much of what's been left behind by the river is recyclable.

Saturday, September 14, from 9 am-12 pm and 1-4 pm. Travis Cove, Louisa Street, Peekskill, NY (map)

Register online today!

Remember the Beacon Riversweep back in April? Back when we teamed up with Riverkeeper to clean up two sections of shoreline in Beacon, and separated over double the recyclables from the garbage. Final stats were 36 volunteers pulled about 30 bags of recycling, 15 bags of trash, 11 wheels and tires, 5 big plastic barrels and bins, 150 lbs of metal scrap, and countless pieces of styrofoam (big and small) from the two areas. 

This time, we're teaching other Sweep Leaders how it's done! On Saturday, we're working to separate recyclables from an enormous amount of waste that's been washed up by the river and dumped by people from the overpass. Together, we're developing a model for making this sorting process as simple as possible and replicable throughout other Riversweeps along the Hudson River. We thank Riverkeeper for the opportunity to make our Sweeps better and increase recycling rates significantly!

Riverfest 2013

Beacon Riverfest is a big music festival in Beacon, organized by Local845. Zero to Go handled the waste and recycling for the event, which brought 3600 people to Riverfront Park. We provided bins, as shown in the photo above (courtesy of Jennifer Konig).

A gigantic thank you to the fun-loving Daniel Weise of Thundercut for happily drawing bags of poo and angry styrofoam faces and grinning cups of iced coffee on these cans. We saw delighted children examining them, and nothing could make me happier. Except of course, people putting the right things in the cans! And they did that, better than at any festival I've been in charge of.

Another round of thanks to the awesome Garbage Party / Recycle Crew volunteers: all day trooper HudsonValley Hystera, morning crew Patti Dale Art Cycles, Michael Lanier & Paul Ellis, afternoon rocker Alison Rich and evening crew Michael Zelehoski and Steve Oakes. And Ali T. Muhammad for being at the right place at the right time to help me with a ripped bag of recyclables at the very end! 

Together we handled 10 stations and filled a recycling dumpster to the top, and filled a garbage dumpster nearly to the top. I'd guess 50 bags combined (55 gal size)! 3600 people came! Amazing work!
 All photos can be seen at the Garbage Party #3 Facebook event