We're bringing the Beacon Compost Program to the Beacon Farmer's Market!

Starting next Sunday, May 29th, you can drop off food waste at our Zero Waste Station at the Beacon Farmer's Market.

How it works:

  • Price per lb is $1.00
  • Compost can be dropped off in either compostable BioBags or our 4-gallon square ZTG bucket, which you can purchase for $10. We suggest grabbing a bucket, as it will end up costing you less. We use one kind of bucket so we can streamline the weighing process. 
  • Our current compost customers average 5 lbs of compost weekly. Most households with 2-3 people use about 2-3 bags a week. Compostable BioBags can be purchased at the Beacon Natural Market in packs of 25 for $5.99. In the future, we will be selling bags at the Farmer's Market drop-off location.

Why we're adding this service:

  • Drop off is an easier, cheaper alternative for some households.
  • You don't have to be from Beacon!
  • We accept cash or credit card.