Our Kickstarter campaign was a success!


Even though I took two days to recuperate from the excitement - words don't do this justice! THANK YOU!

Saturday was so unbelievably exciting because so many of you were following this campaign obsessively and I could feel it! The energy you all created by supporting this project was incredible: it was shared on facebook hundreds of times on Saturday afternoon because we all knew there was a real chance at reaching the goal for this important project. The community came together to make this happen and I am forever grateful. 

I want to thank you all, supporters who recognize how awesome and important this project is. I will be thanking you all in several ways in the coming days, including with these items below! AND - when all the rewards are in, the Zero to Go team will be inviting you to a party to celebrate, get a live update from me, and pick up your reward. Can't wait! And of course, if you're not able to come, we'll get your reward to you. 

I'm going to ride this wave of excitement for the years I plan to serve the community. We're building a movement together, and this was the first step of many to come. I look forward to all of them and I thank you for allowing me to lead this City into the future of waste management. 

Thank you to my team! My #1 fan and life partner, Jon Miles. Sidelines guru Clareann Grimaldi. Indefatigable Peggy Ross. Cheerleader who's been there Melissa McGill, who didn't let me quit! Strategist Audrey Molsky. Whiteboard planner Maureen Darras. Design doodler Dan Weise. Video wizards Ed Roy, Tara LaTorre, Casey Silvestri, Ethan Harrison and Jonathan Bickoff. Big beats from Joe Fuse & Steel Tipped Dove. Plan B strategists Josh Kogan and Paul Ellis for helping me to think outside the box. Big ups to Atticus Lanigan for keeping all the other balls ZTG juggles in the air while this thing came together.

The world of waste is a small and fierce one, and I loved they came together to support this project in numerous ways! Thank you to Community Compost Company of New Paltz, Farmer Pirates of Buffalo, CRP Sanitation, Troy Zero Waste - Troy Compost, Ulster County Solid Waste, Dutchess County Solid Waste, Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County, Mid-Hudson League of Women Voters Solid Waste Study Group, Jill Gruber of the Hudson Valley Materials Exchange (former), Recycle Depot, NYC Community Compost, Reclaimed Organics, NYSDEC Region 3, EPA Region 2, CompoKeeper, Reuse Institute and of course, partners Empire Zero. 

Some of the dozens of organizations that highlighted the importance of this project: Philipstown.info, Riverkeeper, Homespun Foods, The Hop, Drink More Good, Obercreek Farm, Beacon Natural Market, Wigwam Economy, A Little Beacon Blog, Common Ground Farm, Peoples Bicycle, ReThink Local, Constellation by Melissa McGill, Tito Santana Taqueria, Hudson Beach Glass, Ella's Bellas, The Beacon Community Resource Center, Revolution Rickshaws, Mill House Brewing Company, Sustainable Hudson Valley, HeFestus, Hudson Valley News, Beacon Bread Company, Windows on Main Street, Poppy's Burger's and Fries, Niche Modern, Beacon Sloop Club, Nature's Pantry Hudson Valley, Beacon Climate Action, Shred Foundation and more! Thanks to you, the word got OUT! 

To the hundreds of friends and acquaintances who helped to spread the word - you are pure power! This wouldn't have been possible without your excitement and conviction.

Thank you!