Riverfest 2013

Beacon Riverfest is a big music festival in Beacon, organized by Local845. Zero to Go handled the waste and recycling for the event, which brought 3600 people to Riverfront Park. We provided bins, as shown in the photo above (courtesy of Jennifer Konig).

A gigantic thank you to the fun-loving Daniel Weise of Thundercut for happily drawing bags of poo and angry styrofoam faces and grinning cups of iced coffee on these cans. We saw delighted children examining them, and nothing could make me happier. Except of course, people putting the right things in the cans! And they did that, better than at any festival I've been in charge of.

Another round of thanks to the awesome Garbage Party / Recycle Crew volunteers: all day trooper HudsonValley Hystera, morning crew Patti Dale Art Cycles, Michael Lanier & Paul Ellis, afternoon rocker Alison Rich and evening crew Michael Zelehoski and Steve Oakes. And Ali T. Muhammad for being at the right place at the right time to help me with a ripped bag of recyclables at the very end! 

Together we handled 10 stations and filled a recycling dumpster to the top, and filled a garbage dumpster nearly to the top. I'd guess 50 bags combined (55 gal size)! 3600 people came! Amazing work!
 All photos can be seen at the Garbage Party #3 Facebook event