Recap on 2013's Massive Piles of Items Diverted from the Wastestream & How we Did it

I've finally gotten around to counting up my results from last year, and I'm floored. Me and my team handled waste for 8 events, and also did a pilot program to pick up two Beacon businesses' compost by bicycle. Here's the stats:

COMPOST: 1225 gallons collected

RECYCLING: 109 bags, 5450 gallons


  • half a ton of recyclables collected at Travis cove
  • 57 tires collected at Travis Cove and the Beacon Riversweep
  • 2.175 tons metal collected at Travis Cove and the Beacon Riversweep
  • 5 plastic barrels collected at Beacon's Riversweep
  • 1900 cans collected at the Sheep and Wool Festival
  • 14 cu ft cardboard collected at the Sheep and Wool Festival

I'm proud to say that nearly every single bag and item was transported to its next home in Beacon via bicycle, with the exception of the items handled at the Sheep and Wool Festival. This means no carbon emissions, no fossil fuel usage, and double the fun and exposure of our work. And we stay in shape!

Thank you to my incredible team: Atticus Lanigan, Leigh Baumann, Dan Weise, Dan Fiege, Ricardo Fuentes, Michelle Gluck, Kyle Helland, Aaron Hawkins, Jon Miles, Carole Penner, Patti Dale, Yukie Schmitz, Meghan O'Byrne, Sara Sylvester, Alison Rich, Ali Muhammad, Eli Barrett, Ken Rabe, Pete Barrett, Jean Huang, Liz Birch, Brendan McGrath, Jinni James, Verne Bell, Alayja Stewart, Clareann Grimaldi, Dean Micheli, Sherie Cordaz, Ira Chavis, Xander Folsom, Michael Lanier!

And thank you to my partners and supporters: Chris Coady and Dave Kahn at ReCommunity Recycling, Dana Gulley and Dan Shapley of Riverkeeper, The Sargent-Downing Garden, Nancy and Rita at Recycle Depot, Jason at Drink More Good, Sustainabilityis, Lindsay Carille, Johanna at the Main Squeeze Juice Bar, Carley Franklin Hughes at Ella's Bella's, Jennifer and Steve Clair of Local 845, Gwenno and Jeff of Beacon Barks, Sara and David of the Sheep and Wool Growers Association, Tara Tornello and Tim Terway, Michael Benz of Peekskill Brewery, Matt, John, Chris of the Hop, David Eberle of the Beacon Sloop Club, Jeff Domanski, Avery Menke, Kamel Jamal, Michael Benzer of Hudson Beach Glass, Kathy O'Connor, Kitty Sherpa of the Beacon Natural Market, Helanna Bratman and the incredible Green Teens, Kelly Ellenwood, I Am Beacon, Mayor Randy Casale, Zep and The City of Beacon Highway Department, Laura Petit of the New Paltz Reuse Center, Shawn McLearen and Ming Chan, Claudia Cooley of the Barn Thrift Shop, Tricia Coulard of Habitat for Humanity's Newburgh ReStore, Bill Calogero of the DCRRA, The Mid-Hudson League of Women Voters Materials Management Study Group, Scenic Hudson, Josh at Localflux!