I'm awfully excited about this year's schedule - which is filling up fast! I'm looking at handling compost and recycling for several events for the warm weather months, and some Beacon river cleanup action as well. If you'd like to get on my calendar, reach out! The crew and the barrels can travel.

This past year was absolutely incredible. I can't believe how much we did (a total of 9 events!) and how much waste was diverted to recycling or compost. With the help of a volunteer crew 50 strong, we totally rocked. Our cargo bikes helped get it there, too. Here's my Jon with our newest addition - a cargo trike! 

When we're done modifying the trike, it's going to be the biggest, baddest heavy-hauling machine we have in our arsenal. That pickup bed has room for so much compost! More on all that soon.

In short, I want to thank all the people who believe in my work and want to see more recycling and composting in their communities and in their events. Cheers to an amazing year of accomplishments, and a really exciting year of opportunities!