The practice of recycling and composting at events generates good publicity for event organizers, reduces waste disposal costs, and redirects compostable and recyclable material away from the waste stream. It also generates goodwill among attendees — the public likes to see recycling and composting at events and enjoys interacting with our friendly and knowledgeable staff!


  • We design our recycling and composting service for your event based on an understanding of waste stream composition and available markets for materials to be composted, recycled, or donated for consumption.
  • We begin planning with organizers as early as possible.
  • We provide educational staff who interact with the public throughout the event, clearly explaining the rules and purpose of recycling and composting.
  • We locate our waste station bins as close as possible to where waste is generated at the event, and ensure that Zero to Go waste station areas are well-marked and easy to use.
  • With our guidance, coordinators work with vendors to purchase compostable wares in the place of non-recyclable and non-compostable goods.
  • We focus on materials that make up significant portions of the waste stream, such as food waste and cardboard.

Oh and... like we said, you can expect a lot of smiles, high-fives and pride! From our team of course, but also from your own staff and attendees: this work makes people feel proud and happy. It's electric.


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